Polish Corporate Bonds Market

For the past three years the Polish corporate bonds market has been developing at a two-digit pace. In the 1st quarter of 2012 the value of issued corporate debt securities exceeded PLN 100 billion of which PLN 26 billon account for corporate bonds.
However, the Polish corporate bonds market continues to demonstrate an immense growth potential. Its value vs. Poland’s GDP (data for 2011) is merely 3%. For comparison the same ratio in the US comes to over 50%.
On 30 September 2009 bond market Catalyst of the Warsaw Stock Exchange launched its operations. By the end of 2011 the Catalyst market listed 88 issuers of corporate bonds. The total value of listed corporate bonds in 2011 amounted to PLN 37.749 billion. New issuers emerge on the bond market every month.

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As advisors in corporate bonds we inform investors about current issues of Polish corporate bonds and support issuers throughout the issue process. In 2011 we advised our users about 46 issues of bonds for an overall value of more than PLN 700 million. We cooperate with individuals with longterm experience in both credit risk as well as organisations issuing corporate bonds.

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